Investment Management

Commingled Funds

Avesta’s commingled funds maximize diversification by participating in multiple deals in high-growth markets during their investment period. The funds also give Avesta the flexibility to invest in different structures, including joint venture partnerships and direct co-investments, in order to maximize fund diversification and returns.

Direct Investments

Avesta offers accredited investors the ability to invest directly into select deals in addition to commingled funds. Direct investments allow our investors to evaluate each opportunity and invest directly into their preferred community. They also allow investors to choose the deal that aligns with their preferred liquidity strategy.

1031 Exchanges

Avesta offers the ability through in-house expertise to process, execute, and manage 1031 like-kind exchanges for investors that wish to take advantage of their unique tax efficiencies. Investors can use the proceeds from any eligible 1031 asset to invest in specific Avesta investments, by following a clear legal process. Furthermore, our commingled fund investments are structured such that fund investors can opt into a 1031 exchange upon the sale of any asset owned by the fund.

Key Advisor Separate Account Program

Avesta’s Key Advisor Separate Account Program (KASAP) is an exclusive offering for select Registered Investment Advisors who wish to provide diversified access to professionally managed, private real estate offerings. The KASAP provides RIAs taking a majority position in an Avesta offering with special terms and provisions designed around the needs of the RIA and their individual clients.

Joint Ventures

Avesta offers select family offices and institutional investors the ability to maximize their participation in certain Avesta deals by investing the majority of required deal equity and obtaining a negotiated role in managing their investment.